eDay Collection Stats

2007 – 2010

Number of cars through eDay sites: 57,700

Estimated number of items collected: 272,900

Estimated total tonnage: 3,220


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Statement from Earl Mardle in response to MED e-waste investigation

Statement from Earl Mardle, Chairperson of the 2020 Communications Trust in response to the Ministry of Economic Development e-waste investigation. 27 October 2009

The 2020 Communications Trust, with the support of over 100 partners, organises the annual eDay free computer recycling event. The Ministry of Economic Development (MED) has recently asked for our input into an investigation into used electronic and e-waste exports, following a request for more information about what happens to eDay equipment.

We understand that the MED investigation relates to whether the eDay equipment being prepared for export by our recycling partner,CRTNZ, is correctly classified and documented – i.e. material that can be reused or material for recycling (e-waste).

We have welcomed this investigation as it is leading us one step closer to effective inspection and verification processes and we are working closely with MED. Our focus is to ensure eDay material is safely recycled or reused. We are a non-profit trust that is passionate about finding alternatives to dumping e-waste in landfills, an issue facing all communities in New Zealand.

It’s important to address the difference between “reuse” and “recycling” as this is an area of confusion being reported to date.

CRTNZ is committed to identifying equipment in good condition that can be made available for reuse and this is the first priority.  Equipment that is not suitable for reuse is referred to as e-waste and this is typically disassembled and then recycled, with over 95% of the materials used to manufacture computers being recovered for use in the manufacture of new products. 

We therefore believe the investigation is positive and will lead to improvements for all companies handling reuse equipment and actual electronic waste, and this will benefit us all.

The 2020 Communications Trust selected logistics and recycling partners for eDay following a formal and lengthy RFP (request for partners) process that drew interest from five different companies. A key requirement of the RFP was that partners must use accepted international practices for safely recycling and refurbishing computer equipment and of course conform with all New Zealand requirements for the export of any equipment. Our selection process also included a visit to South Korea, the intended destination for most of the eDay equipment, to meet with government officials and visit e-waste recycling facilities. We are confident with the robustness of this process.

If the investigation uncovers that any regulations have been broken in the handling of eDay materials by our recycling partner it would be a breach of contract, and a breach of trust.

At this stage, there is no evidence that we have seen to indicate that a breach of regulations has in fact happened and we will continue working closely with MED.

We are addressing this as fast as possible and have contracted an independent inspection company – SGS New Zealand Limited - to monitor and report on the contents of all containers of eDay equipment as they are packed. The inspections – at a cost of $450 per container - are at our expense, not the MED, as has been suggested in some reports.  These inspections enable these products to flow while the investigation continues.

We look forward to an early resolution of this investigation so the eDay equipment can soon be reused or recycled as any delays undermine the financial viability of eDay as an ongoing event and we are keen to do everything we can to prevent this development forcing us to close it down for financial reasons.

If the investigation concludes that CRTNZ has breached regulations, we will terminate our contract with them and find alternative recycling partners to safely handle the e-waste collected at eDay.

Either way, we have no fear of toxic waste issues arising from this. Whatever the outcome, there will be no toxic waste delivered to the environment by the eDay process.